Arrived in Sölden!

Yeah! The race is getting closer all the time, fun that it's finally here. Been training and training and training now for too long. Time to do the thing I'm training for, racing!

But unfortunately this weeks preparation didn't go as planned. I got sick on Sunday evening and couldn't ski on Tuesday and Wednesday. I hate being sick on camps, or just being sick at all. Being stuck in bed while the other guys are up on the glacier skiing or in the afternoon playing football or doing something else is torture. Especially when you have a guy like Kalle as your room-mate who doesn't make it easier! But now it's over, today I was skiing and then we drove here to Sölden. I need to wake up my body and legs a little so tomorrow I'll do some speed and quickness training! 

On Saturday we have the hill training. We get 30 minutes free-skiing on the race slope after the ladies race. We get to feel how the surface is on the slope so we can make adjustments to our setup if needed and also just get to see the profile a little. Normally I manage to make 3 runs. I love the hill trainings, always so fun to cruise a little on the slope!

I'll let you know how it felt! :)