Finland 1 - Sweden 0!

Yesterday was a pretty good day for our team in the EC in St.Vigilio! Kalle won the race and I was 4th. We both had pretty big numbers, I had 36 and Kalle 22. Kalle was 3rd after the first run and I was 13th. I wasn't so happy after the first, but it was a good run from that number Kalle told me. Ofcourse I was pissed 'cos I was over 1 second behind the oldie! But in the second run I had the advantage and I skied a good solid run and caught a lot of guys and rose to 4th place! Fun to get a result that gave a little joy and confidence for Alta Badia!

Today we had a Finland against Sweden country match in GS on the Bambi slope in Badia. Trained with Olsson, Myhrer and Larsson. We kicked their asses so that was great. Always fun to beat the Swede's! ;) Hehe..  Slalom might be another story though, hope we can take that match sometime in the future.

I tried to put some pictures here but unfortunately the internet is too slow!