Getting rid of problems!

It's been a few difficult and painful months for me. The races haven't succeeded at all like I've wanted. Considering the circumstances and situation with my back it's actually been pretty ok achievements, but when you've once tasted something better, the 'good' doesn't satisfy you anymore.

December was hectic and at Christmastime I first got the diagnose that I have a disc prolapse in my lower back. Which explained a lot. After further examination we found out that the prolapses aren't so bad, but the pulpus in the lowest disks have leaked out which means that my 'suspension' is gone and the area is stiff. A week ago I got a cortisone injection which helped a bit. In these few days of training before I head to Sochi I'll decide if I need more. It sucks and is really frustrating, but I've been through worse. The fight is for sure not over yet and I still believe in my chances for the last races! It just requires work and a good spirit.

I've been a bit quiet here lately, it's mostly because I've been pissed. But that's unfair to you. :) so sorry for that. The Olympics are coming up and that's an amazing race and experience so I'll try to share that better. Even though it is a bit restricted what all I can post.

Right now I'm focusing on my GS and to get my body working correctly. We're training in Pass Thurn,   it's +10 degrees so the weather is putting my coaches to work real hard. Without them it would be difficult to do anything!

All the best!