On the snow again!

Hey from Zermatt!

I came here on Sunday evening when there was a cool thunderstorm, so unfortunately the first day we we're supposed to go skiing the glacier wasn't open. So we made two fysical trainings instead. But today the lift was open and I got my first touch to the snow with the gs skis after a long and sweaty summer! The surface was quite easy so it was a easy and fun way to start skiing. Made some freeskiing first, getting a feeling to the snow again and concentrating on the right position for me. When I found it and had a good feeling and fun I made a few runs on the course.
We have a little bigger team this year than before, more young guys and we are training together with the EC team atleast until Sölden. It's also good to have Kalle back! Now we actually can play football again on the camps! Last year it was a little difficult 'cos I was training alone... We're staying here for a week still and then home for about a 10 day break and then back here again. Fun but early wake-ups at 5.15.

My summer was good and relaxing! I managed to train really well, was sick only once for a few days. My body feels a lot better again and I'm happy that I've gotten my strenght and stamina back. I just need to take good care of my back and then there won't be any problems! I was quite a lot at my familys summer cottage in Sipoo and at my girlfriends in Lappohja. It's easy to train from there, good gyms and sport tracks close by. But it was a little extra sweaty this summer 'cos of the heat! Didn't bother me otherwise so much that it was so warm! Had a lot of fun and I think there's still some left of it.. :)