Sep 30, 2016

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Dec 1, 2015

Waiting for Beaver Creek.

The season opener in Sölden was a mixture of positives and a big negative. I felt very confident racing with Nordica and I was extremely excited to start the race season. We hadn't had a chance to really test the equipment on icy conditions during the whole pre-season, but during the first icy gates on the top flat I quickly got the feeling the setup I had chosen was just right. I didn't do anything extraordinary during my run and I was in the fight for a good position until the last flat where I made a dumb mistake which lead to me lying in the safety nets. It was a combination of a lack of 100% concentration at that point, a technical fault and maybe a touch of bad luck. The wait for the next WC in Beaver Creek feels long after such a result.

So finally this Sunday it's time for racing again! Beaver Creek has given me a lot of different results throughout my career. All from a 5th place to a +20 result. I have always liked the profile of the slope and the type of course setting there normally is on the Birds of Prey. Speedy and long, open setting and that smooth US snow. I also feel that I have improved my skiing on flats these last years. So tune in on Sunday, it will for sure be a great race again! There's a lot of guys skiing well at the moment!

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Jul 20, 2015

Les 2 Alpes.

Bonjour from Les 2 Alpes! We have had a good start to the new season. In the valley the temperature goes up to over +25 celsius, luckily enough it has been frozen almost every day at the glacier so we manage to get a few quality hours on hard snow before it turns soft.

After every training I'm feeling more confident and excited about my new equipment. There's a lot of work of course at the beginning. Starting off with fitting boots and finding out what kind of setup that works for me since I've never used Nordica boots before. For example; testing lifters, spoilers, footboards, angles etc... Then concentrating on plates and skis to find the best combo for my style. Details can make a huge difference and is of course also a key to skiing faster and more confident down the course. And of course at the same time fine tuning the technique after the summer break. In other words, there's still a lot to do before Sölden and still probably lots even before Beaver Creek. Interesting and motivated days on the slope!

GS has been the main focus as always and will definitely continue to be. Today though, slalom was again on the program after a one year long break again. It didn't feel catastrophically bad even though my technician said I looked a little rusty, I might actually do some more…. or at least train more. Just to keep me sane and not overload on GS. That's also why tomorrow it's time for Super-G.

On Friday we fly back home. We have roughly 6 weeks time to fully concentrate on physical training and enjoy summer before we fly to Ushuaia in the beginning of September. To be on skis at this time is great, but I still need some summertime before I can say I'm mentally ready for another intense season.


Jul 3, 2015


I'm a Nordica racer!! 

My contract with Fischer ended this season which meant I had the possibility to also test other ski brands. Switching to a new brand is a lot of work but also very motivating, especially if you have some years behind you already. I was really convinced with Nordica's skis and boots after a few days of testing with their very motivated team!

The Finnish Combi (?!) team; Samu, Eemeli, Victor and me, leave for Les Deux Alpes in a few weeks. Normally we've always started the season in August, this year we changed it around a bit which allows us to focus even more on the fysical training before a longer camp in Ushuaia beginning in September.
There's still some summer left though to enjoy so let's not think about skiing quite yet.