Tight fight for the first timetraining titlebelt!

Hey guys and girls!

Got a stupid flu here in Zermatt, had to take an extra day off today. That's never fun, hate being sick on camps! But I skied the first 3 days slalom. Trained one day with Benni Raich, was fun to compare a little against such a good skier! We were skiing quite the same times, he was just a touch faster. But for my slalom that's a big improvement being so close to him after only 3 slalom days. Next time I'll try to be faster than him! Benni 1 - Mare 0. Not for long! ;) 
On Monday we had our first timetraining with our boys, always fun and there was a little excitement in the air! Samu asked if it's only him who has to take an extra piss before the start, but apparently not!  Everybody wants to be the fastest and all of us seems to be in good shape, feels like our team is strong! Luckily I managed to be fastest in the first training. Today I think Victor was the fastest, even though Benni was skiing with us. Would have been fun to be on the slope today! I missed a good race up there!

Tommorrow I hope I'll be able to train again, supposed to do some GS! I'm going to try to put some videos here as soon as I learn how to do it! I'm not too good with computers.. ;)

Going through technical things over the radio with Sliva. Our experienced assistantcoach Pasi Laitakari working on his Goggle-tan with the radio!