New site is coming up...

Hi from Hintertux to everyone!

Arrived here yesterday, was raining pretty much the whole day and the clouds were really low. But when I woke up in the morning the sky was clear and it looked nice! Not so much people here on the glacier, felt so nice to go up without having to push and be pushed around when trying to get in the gondels! Really relaxed.. It was a difficult day on the slope but I got wiser again so that I'm happy for! We will stay here until Monday if the weather lets us. Our next camp is in Pitztal starting on the 28th.

I have some bad news too, VOX is closing in september. I got to know this information quite late, so I'm still finding solutions for my next site! Have an interesting thing going on and if it works I believe that the site will be really cool! But unfortunately it takes a little while so I will have a break on my website! But as soon I get my new page up and going I'll let you know, It will continue under! You can find me there.. :) Today is the last day I can put any news and posts on this site, and it will still be up until the 30th September! So thanks for this one and see you on the next one!

Remember to enjoy!