Levi Race and Levi Cribs

Levi didn't really go as planned. I had a good feeling at the start, knowing the slope well and also cause we had a good training there a week before the race. My slalom feels better than ever but even so having to go 110% at the races makes it really risky. On Saturday I messed up, got just a little stuck in the hairpin on the flat and lost my line. Tried to keep it under control and get the line back on the next gates but the speed was high and I got thrown out. Sometimes it goes that way, but I just have to get over it and start concentrating on the next race! 

I flew down to Helsinki after the race, have a week of fysical training until we fly to US in a week. Going to squeeze in a last fishing trip this week, looking forward to that! Supposed to snow that day... :)

The Fastest Man on Levi's Flat (Andy) made a Cribs-video of our cabin in Levi. Check it out.