A step in the right way!

I was 8th today in the EC slalom in Kirchberg. I started with number 54, and with a mistake in the first I was 28th. Too far behind, it was really warm weather so luckily in the second I had the advantage and made a solid run. So for my slalom that's a step forward! I hope it's enough to start top 30 here in the slalom in Zuoz on Wednesday, but if everybody's here I'm for sure not going to. Then I just need to work myself up again.

After the race we drove here to Zuoz and it didn't really feel like winter on the way!! This pic is just before Innsbruck! It's not so fun to race in these kind of conditions but there's no idea complaining on the weather, not so much I can do about it! :)

Tomorrow there's a hilltraining here in Zuoz and then GS on Tuesday and Slalom on Wednesday! From here the EC turnee continues to Oberjoch in Germany with GS on Friday and Slalom on Saturday, then I   go home. It's been a long trip, and my back isn't really liking it and working with me at the moment. I hope it doesn't get worse..