Zoom Agence
It's strange how feelings can go from real down and disappointed to happy again during one day! My first run was strange, it wasn't my normal skiing and all my boost from my turn that makes me fast was breaking under me at the gate. I was slow and I felt a bit lost, didn't really know what happened!

After some thinking together with my team and Fischer I decided to change to a whole other setup for the 2nd run and it felt much better on that soft dead salt snow. I was 3rd fastest in the second run and rose from 24th to 10th. Valuable points and I'm happier! The soft snow is making the races challenging. I chose the right race to suck in the first, the course got slower in the second and I took advantage of that. Though, if it would have been hard conditions I wouldn't have had those exact problems in the first run.. Let's hope it's a bit more normal in the next race!