Back in business!!


I'm back on snow, which for me means back at the office after a 3 month 'vacation'! The summer was tough with a lot of training, but I enjoyed it and feel motivated again to fight and race a long interesting season! Even though 3 months is a long time it wen't super fast and it feels like I was skiing yesterday when I had the first day here in Zermatt.

4 days of GS is the saldo so far of this season, and a lot of ski testing. The new skis aren't as enjoyable and easy to handle as last years, but I've managed to get a good beginning with them. It's for sure a lot heavier and rough to ski with them, taking our bodies even closer to breaking point and it's interesting to see how it will affect injuries at WC races where skiers are giving their everything. The surface and course setting are going to have a big factor so I hope FIS will be smart and keep the conditions icy!! There's still testing and developing to do to get our material to function as we want on every surface and we're on a good way. The world of developing is extremely interesting!

I'm still skiing here in Zermatt until the middle of next week. Then a short break at home and we continue in Ushuaia in Argentina at the end of the month. Here's some pics from the summer... :)