Perfect conditions!

The conditions are great here in Hintertux! The runs are around 45-50 seconds long and it's hard and icy from the first until the last gate! Perfect conditions for testing skis, I've already found the right model that I'm going to race with so now I'm testing ski pairs. Trying to find the fast ones! We're concentrating on quality runs, runs that are similar to how we ski in the races. At first we start with a good free run and warm up, then course inspection and then full gas on the first run! Today we skied with Kalle 3 runs and then our coaches made a new course, we made an inspection again and then the race was on! 2 runs on that course and we we're done. A good day in other words! The Young Guns, Samu, Victor, Santa and Andy skied a little more, they had a race day today. Seeing who get's the third spot in Sölden. We remembered with Kalle that there's hasn't been this good conditions before Sölden in many years, it's almost always really soft the last two weeks before the race.

This short videoclip is from our last camp from the first day in Pitztal. Filmed by Kalle, a nice morning at the office! Can't do anything else than just smile.. :)