First result after 20 months!

The day began great today with me falling out of the chairlift! Okay, it was in the beginning of the ride and I didn't drop more than 1m or so but I just glided of the chair! Strange that there isn't any safetybars on the chairlifts in this country. It was at 7 in the morning so maybe I was still asleep at the time. Kalle had a good laugh...

Started with nr. 26 today! I was 8th after the first run on a really fast course. There was a lot of nervous guys on the start, myself included. Not so much about the ranking after the first run but more if I'll get down in one piece! Luckily most of us managed! The 2nd run was around 4 seconds slower. Climbed up to 6th place with a solid run, about 0.7 seconds behind todays winner J-B Grange. Marcel Hirscher was 2nd, Tommy Ford 3rd, Kalle 4th, Cyprien Richard 5th and me 6th. 

Thanks to todays result I'm starting 11 tomorrow! The same number I had the first time I started top 15 in the WC Finals in Bormio. That's still the only time, but I'm planning on getting some more!