Day off in Vail!

Tim Jitloff and me waiting for the inspection to start! Nice view, huh?

Finally a day off. Skied 7 days in a row, normally that would be okay but up here at almost 3000m it's heavy. After yesterdays race we went to the gym for some power training and then drove here to Vail. Going to train some slalom here with Felix on Thursday and then a gs day on Friday. After that to Beaver Creek!

Yesterday was ok. I wanted to be higher up on the rang but I must admit I was a little tired and that affected my performance, but it was good training! Or actually the best training. On the first run we almost went DH speed again, the course was 8 seconds faster than the 2nd run on Monday!! I skied a little too straight in the middle section and was 6th. The second run I didn't really get my own normal skiing to work, so I wasn't so fast and dropped to 7th place. But that's how it works! Was nice to do some races and get a little more back the race feeling!

Andy, our only Downhiller that the Swede's stole from us, is totally crazy! This is from the first DH training in Beaver Creek. He's been fast so we hope he soon get's what he's been working hard for! Follow him on!