Back in Europe!

After a long trip back to Europe we arrived here in Val d'isere yesterday night. Our flight from Denver was late by an hour so we missed our connection in London, but we jumped on the next one 2 hours later so it wasn't so bad. Had time to eat lunch or dinner or breakfast or whatever it was supposed to be at Heathrow!

The flight's went strangely easy and all our 30 bags came so it went well for us. Our Kamikaze Laddie Andy Romar was supposed to fly from Denver on Monday morning already but his flight to Washington got cancelled and organized some nice problems for him and the Swede's. He should have stayed with us.. ;)

The race didn't go too well. I didn't really feel like myself on the start. I started out OK, in the last split I still could have made it but I lost time on the end. I'm not really happy with how it went, but I realized that I have to give myself time. I tend to forget what I've been through and want to be back to normal and even better right now. But the fact is that the break has been long and there's happened a lot of changes for me. I'm a 100% confident that I will find it and be a threat to the top guys, but I need to give it the time it takes. But it's difficult beacause I don't want to wait! :)

So chin up, learn from the this race and try again here on Saturday! Just have to keep on going! And my little sister and mom are coming here to cheer, that will give me extra strenght.. :)