Bye France, Hello Italy!

Not so much to say about the weekend. In the paralell slalom on Saturday I skied out in the first run. Positive was that I almost had a good feeling on the start, did some things technically different the days before and it gave me a little more confidence. I had an ok run until that, the beginning went well from my number but then I got a little late in the middlesection. Then just suddenly my hip was on the snow and the next gate behind me. Not so much reaction time when the distance is only 17-20 meters between the gates. 

The slalom was a fight from the first gate on. It sucks starting with such a high number and I've had it, so in the beginning of January I'm racing at least 4 slalom FIS races, trying to get down my points. I need to get a better race feeling for slalom, past 4 years most of my slaloms have been in the World Cup with number 70+, always out or huge problems. That's also become my feeling for slalom and why I haven't liked it so much. Time to change that because I can ski it and be fast. 

Today I have a day off in sunny St.Vigilio, tomorrow I'm racing the EC GS here. I like this race, won here '07 and was third '08. After the race we're going to Alta Badia! Can't wait to ski on that hill.. :)