Game on!

Samu and Santeri in the start-off. Kalle dropping the puck!

Our ice-hockey season has opened! Played yesterday for an hour on a small rink, it was a little risky 'cos the ice was full with holes. Victor managed to make a nice half sideflip and landed on his ass, but the rest of us came out well. Our coach Sliva fixed tickets for tonights Jesenice homegame so we're going there watching. They have a Finnish coach, goalie and defender on the team. And after tomorrow mornings slalom training we're going to the Jesenice hall to play for real with all the pads on and everything. I'm pretty sure it'll get out of hand so let's see how big our team is after that! ;)

Today's GS training was good but pretty heavy. We came to the slope at 7 am and couldn't see anything, felt a little like the guys in Bormio yesterday!