Slalom and Icehockey with the Swede's!

Cool picture from the GS race here in Adelboden. Zoom Agence.

We stayed here in Adelboden for some training on the race slope! It's really warm now everywhere in Middle-Europe and here the slope is pretty hard still after the race so it was good training today! We skied slalom with Swede's and Chzeck's on the top part of the GS! It felt pretty okay.. There's also a Ladies FIS race, so we did the forerun for the 2nd run with Kalle. Was a really fast course and it was a lot of fun! Had a beer bet, and now I owe him one.. But it was a pretty big difference starting with Nr.1 than with Nr.74! ;) Felt so easy and was a lot more fun!

The start of the GS.
In the afternoon we went playing some 'easy' hockey against Jens Byggmark and Matts Olsson. Haha, it was easy for maybe 10 minutes… It was an exciting game with a lot of action and great moves! Or atleast we thought so, but even though Matts scored a beautiful own goal, we lost  13-15. The boys played good, but next year they won't have a chance.. Hehe!

Matts and Kalle cleaning the ice! 
I'm probably tomorrow heading back to Austria, going to race in Kirchberg's EC this weekend. Then Zuoz an Oberjoch. And after that finally home, been a long trip..