Two nostalgic days in Innerkrems!

Innerkrems long last steep.

I trained two days GS here in Innerkrems, I haven't been here for many years and I got a little nostalgic feeling! When I was in the Junior Team season 03-05 we trained here a lot, and I have a lot of fun memories from here. Goofing around during training or afterwards, trying to do things the right way and have fun at the same time.  I still do that, but I think now I know how to do things the right way better than when I was young! Everything we did wasn't maybe so smart... We had a good team with a lot of talented guys. Peetu Kantola, Eetu Virranniemi, Pete Nyländen, Atte Penttinen, Tuke Kaukoniemi and Jonne Ruoppa are a few.. I think most of us thought of ourselves as slalom skiers, maybe except Jonne who was the crazy speedster, but we always had huge problems finishing slalom races! That got annoying in the long run, so then we turned in to GS skiers. :) It would be fun if the guys we're still here training here with me in Innerkrems! We had a good thing going on.

Pete, Jonne, Atte and me in a monument placed in a round-about in Gmund in 2004.

Pete, Eetu, Peetu and me in 2003. We are a team, of course we watch the movies together in one bed!
Anyway, tomorrow I'm driving solo to Zurich. Spending the day there watching the mens slalom from Zagreb, cheering on Kalle and Victor! Then I'm picking up Kalle from the airport Friday morning and then heading for Adelboden! Can't wait for that race, feeling confident with my old setup. Still need a little time to get used to how they work but I have a pretty good idea what I have to do.

Have a nice day!