Hey from USA!

Alright! Arrived here on Monday night, had been awake for 24h so I slept well the first night but otherwise  I've been waking up at 5-6 AM. Skied slalom in Loveland on Wednesday in the snowstorm, was cold but it was okay. My legs and body weren't completely awake. Today we skied gs in Vail and it was great, I really like skiing on the US snow! Hadn't skied GS for almost a month, but it wen't well. Felt like the break was't there at all.

We're racing at the Nor-Am's this weekend. Going to try to better my slalom points on Saturday and Sunday in Loveland. On Monday we're racing GS in Aspen, maybe on Tuesday also. Going to be fun with some racing, I think it'll do some good for both of us!

Happy Thanksgiving!