Straddling at the JWCH in 2007.

2 runs and 2 straddles. All together about 15 turns! What a great weekend.. :) But the speed is good so I just have to keep on going! I need more slalom races. Arrived to Aspen today. Tomorrow we have a GS race here on the same slope the ladies just had their WC. Going to be fun, I think it's going to be a good race with guys like Kalle, Marcel Hirscher, Philipp Schörghofer and Felix Neureuther at the start!

Got to cut hair for the first time. Okay, there wasn't so much hair in the beginning to cut but this is the final result! Kalle didn't like it so much in the end so we took it away, but we had a good laugh! Should he have kept it?!