Quick visit in Hintertux

Due to the unsecure weather in Lapland we weren't able to go through with our normal plan, which was training in Levi at the end of this week. So our coach Sliva had to quickly come up with a plan B, which after many different options with training in six different countries he decided that the best idea was to come down to Hintertux. That turned out to be a good idea because the surface here was icy! Of course we had to slide away the soft snow but then the ice came and our slalom started for today! We haven't trained so much slalom lately, but it felt like it still worked. Kalle started to look a little like a slalom skier today, kicked my ass on training. Got to kick his back tomorrow!

We forgot our Carrera's down in the hotel, was a little bright on top!

Tommorrow and on Friday we are going to ski GS, after that I touch my GS babes next time on the other side of the Atlantic. Friday is going to be a long and busy day. Training in the morning and straight from the slope to Munich airport. Flight to Helsinki and then continue with a flight to Rovaniemi, from there with a car to Levi. And the next day training on Levi Black! It's going to feel easy after the rock'n'roll training here in Hintertux! Or at least I hope so.. ;)