On the road again!

I’m sitting in the Audi close to Altenmarkt and I’m restless. Bob Marley is singing about freedom on Ö3 and it’s completely dark outside. We’re on our way to Kranjska Gora. I’m feeling excited! My stay at home did good. I realized that I was pretty tired and that my back and deeper hip muscles we’re pretty messed up. Tony and Tero at SUF did a good job opening them up and softening them. Felt pretty weird when I had a hand pressing through my stomach and touching muscles directly connected to my spine! 

I concentrated on gym training at home. On the road I try to do at least one gym training per week, rather two if possible. But it’s been difficult when I’ve been racing so much. Feels strange after last season when I got in the rhythm of making 3-4 per week, but I had a lot of work on that side at the time and only the race at the Olympics. I like working at the gym, gives me self-confidence and a good feeling!

Even though it was mostly gym training, I went for a run on the ice outside my home. It was cool and the scenery was beautiful!

After hopefully some good GS training days in Kranjska, we’re going to Hinterstoder on Friday. Watch Andy score some points in SG on Saturday and then it’s our turn on Sunday!

Have a nice day!