The Next Finnish Alpine Racer?

Sampo Pankki, our team sponsor, has a lot of Ski Team commercials at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport! This was a pretty fun one, making the '5th' member of our team open. Or actually 6th, Andy is missing from the picture! We have a lot of youngsters skiing in Finland, and a good bunch in the EC team. Hopefully one of them could soon take the next step to the World Cup. Hopefully before the 'old man' retires, otherwise it might get lonely.. Andy is definitely going to be there, but it's not too often the Downhillers and Techskiers collide on the tour!

I trained two days in Innerkrems. The first day wen't pretty okay, but yesterday wasn't my day. Went back to bed after the training and started the day again, thinking the morning training was a bad dream.. Sometimes it's good if it doesn't go too well in the trainings, it keeps me more alert about the skiing. Not letting me forget the important pointers I have to remember to do when I want to ski well. Although normally the turn happens automatically and I don't have to think, but on some surface's I'm not at my best and have problems skiing my style. Luckily on the World Cup surface I usually can.

Yesterday we arrived here in Kranjska Gora. Today we have a day off, and tomorrow we have the freeski training on the raceslope! Those are always fun. Then on Saturday it's time to go full speed again!