A short break!

The rest of our camp at Suomu got cancelled. It got too warm and too soft, a shame but not so much we can do about the weather! So I drove back down to Helsinki last night and it got warmer along the way, I'm stoked that spring and summer is on the way. Can't wait for some fishing and nice and sweaty summer days!

Enjoying the evening sun on the new balcony!
I'm going to take two weeks off, letting my mind and body get fresh for the summer training and the next season. I sold my old apartment a month ago and now we have been renovating our new apartment with my girlfriend, so it's perfect timing because most of my time will go to moving there in a few days! 

There's good times coming up. Eastern is soon here and the big move to the new place, then Vappu ( Labour Day(?)) with some fun program and otherwise just being able to be at home a bit. Meet good friends and just simply have some fun and live some 'normal' life for a while!

Hear ya!