Winter Activity Day At Suomu!

The weather is pretty challenging at the moment here in Lappland! We’re training in Suomu, skied two days GS and today unfortunately only one run slalom. The coaches are working really hard, without them we’d be at home at the moment. Before every training they’ve been 2 and a half hours throwing salt on the slope, trying to make the snow hard and skiable! A big thanks to them!

Luca playing with the Ski-Doo.
 Suomu is a pretty relaxed place. There’s Ski-Doo’s. 4-wheels, snowboards, stigas and pretty much everything available for us to play with. And of course when we have a lot of time on our hands we play a little!  Our coaches tried out the Ski-doos. Andy went snowboarding, Kalle learned his daughter Oda- Sofia to ski and I challenged Joonas on a Stiga race! 

Joonas and me too lazy to walk up the hill with the Stigas.

Trying to be as aerodynamic as possible!

Kalle and Oda-Sofia in the lift.

SM-Liigan (Finnish Hockey League) finals kick’s off today between HIFK and Blues! I’ve been following it a little bit more than normally this year, ‘cos HIFK has been playing really well. They’ve got at least 2 big fans rooting for them here at Suomu! En gång IFK, alltid IFK!


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