Run like hell!


Love is in the air!! Had a really fun weekend. My good friend and Fysio Jarkki married his love Tiina-Kaisa on Saturday and they had a wonderful wedding! Congrats once more to them!

Last week I had a bit easier again. The two weeks before that was really tough. A lot of hard trainings and a little less pleasant moments! But those trainings are the ones that make me even stronger on the last parts of the long courses and that's where I've normally been pretty good! :) 

Here's one of my running sets if you want to try! 

Begin with 15 minutes jogging with heart rate bpm between 135-155. 
Then raise the tempo for 10 minutes with bpm 155-180.
Then full speed for 5 minutes with bpm over 180. 
Slow down a bit with another 10 minutes between 155-180.
Then finish it off with a slower tempo again between 135-155.

The feeling after the 5 minutes full speed is great and horrible at the same time. Feels like I could collapse right there on the spot, but at the same time I feel I'm one step closer to my goal. Being the fastest on the slope!

But it ain't all sweat and tears. This is a good way to relax in the evenings!

This week is tough again. Then it's one week left before our first camp in Zermatt! :)