An OK Start.

Zoom Agence

I'm not completely satisfied with the opening race even though it went ok. I was a little nervous before the first run, felt sick the whole morning but the first run turned out solid. My goal for the season is to take the next step closer to the top so I risked in the 2nd and it didn't go exactly my way. Small mistake on the first steep and lost the rhythm, but the steep felt smooth and nice. Remembered again how cool racing is, and how different it is from training! Then too straight to the flat and lost speed in the end! But that's racing, learn from the mistakes and do better in the next! Can't wait for Beaver Creek!

Zoom Agence

But comparing to last year I'm happy! There's a lot left of the season and I'm feeling confident and excited! Congrats to Ted, Alexis and Philipp!