Team in Diavolezza, minus one.

Just arrived to Diavolezza! The mountains, trees and the river running through the valley is really beautiful. Peaceful and quiet. We're going to train slalom here for some days with Andy and Santeri, the program is pretty open due to the unstable minus degrees in Levi!

It's pretty lonely here in the double-room when Kalle isn't here talking and talking and talking all the time! I've never been so angry and devastated for another guy, he really had something special going on. Training super hard for half a year and setting hardcore goals to reach and then everything changes in a split second and he's left with a broken knee and a difficult decision to make. Seeing Kalle ski this autumn and in the race in Sölden I really believe he still has a lot to give to his racing, and what I hope most is that he gets to end his career the way a skier of that quality and talent is worth! At the top with as healthy body as possible. So Kalle I hope you choose to not leave us just yet, we miss you already! :)

I had some time to go fishing at home, it was really quiet and relaxing. Caught one smaller pike but that was enough for me. Hopefully I still have time for one or two more trips!

Pretty nice view at the gym. Don't mind watching that between the squat reps.