We really did get snowed in so we made a quick decision and went home a few days earlier. There came too much snow for quality training, we gave it some time to get packed and hard for when we return. And that was a good idea ‘cos now we’re having superb training here in Tux!

Ali the Great and me after a good day!

Have five days of GS behind me now and I feel it in my body. But I got a better feeling again! We had almost a months break in GS before Wednesday and it did feel strange in the beginning. It’s not the easiest slope and surface here and the variations of fast and straight, fast and turny and just simply leaving your brain on the top course settings sure doesn’t make it easier! But it’s good practice for me, now I feel more confident on the fast courses! Or maybe I just lost my sense of self protection…

Protein-Pete and Kalle.
Tomorrow I’m having a day off and then I continue with some GS and SL. On Thursday we fly home again. We have our season opening Press on Monday in Helsinki and also a photo shoot for our sponsors. Busy week and then back to the glaciers on Wednesday! 

Getting those abs in shape!
Kalle hitting one of his monsters on the Ping Pong table! He's been kicking my ass..
We got our Andy back from the Swede's!