Beaver Creek!

Beaver Creek! It's always nice to arrive to the race venues. Get that good and excited race feeling! Arrived here on Tuesday evening, it was nice to see the other half of our team, DH Andy again! Even though he was a little tired and jealous of my 'easy' GS program. And I do rub it in his nose most of the time... :) In an hour the DH starts, GO ANDY!

It's amazing how even the bananas are bigger on the other side of the Atlantic.

Tomorrow I hope we have the GS slope inspection after the mens SG. I always like those, and it's good to see the surface so we can prepare the setup right. I've heard it's in great condition!

For the Finnish speaking readers here's a video from Sampo Pankki's Alppikanava. Kalle and I go through some basics in GS.