Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! Here's a GS training run from the Gran Risa. The start was a little higher than the race day!

Came home to Helsinki last night and it's sure isn't a White Christmas here! That means no ice hockey outside, but maybe fishing instead! :)

Zoom Agence.
Alta Badia didn't go as planned. I'm not satisfied with my 21st place, even though something is better than nothing. In my runs I was in a hurry, tried to start the turns too early and not leaving me any space to work up my speed.  GS is a lot about rhythm and I didn't have it. So in training I'll focus on that and then kill it in Adelboden!

Zoom Agence.
Those were my last slaloms with a really high number! I will concentrate on bettering my points in FIS races and then continue on the WC SL tour when my number's in shape!

Merry Christmas to everyone!