First week of the year!

Happy New Year!

I had a nice time at home, even though we almost got blown away! Not really the normal Christmas weather, raining and windy. But it was relaxing anyway.. :) Hope everyone has got their electricity back!

I went to check out my old homeslope in Kauniainen, I hope they get some snow there soon. Even though we have one of the smallest slopes in Finland we have the biggest ski school, so I've heard there's a lot of eager young skiers waiting for it to open!

I'm in Reiteralm at the moment and the conditions are challenging. It's been snowing and it's difficult to find a slope hard enough for training! If I were a tourist I'd be more than happy at the moment, but I need ice. :) On Thursday we're leaving for Adelboden. I caught a small flu in Finland, hope it get's better till Saturday!

Here's a cool GoPro clip from the Downhill in Bormio!

Have fun!