A tough Adelboden.

Zoom Agence.
I can't say I'm happy with my 17th place on Saturday. I had fast upper parts on both runs but unfortunately my power and aggression ended half way down. I've never been so tired in the finish! A tough Adelboden with a flu isn't a good combo.. I'm a little pissed. But that's racing sometimes... Can't wait for Bansko to get back in the game.

We drove a nice circle through Europe the last few days! Radstadt - Adelboden - Tarvisio, where I'm at the moment. The weather was everything from pouring rain that cleaned the car, snowstorm so we couldn't see more than 5 meters ahead and then sunny and +16c on the way through Italy! Tomorrow I'm skiing some slalom and the next few days super-g! I have 2 SG races and 2 SL races later this week. Let's go Faaast!