An Eventful Fall


I've been a bit inactive here at my webpage which I'm sorry for! But I've been posting pics and short comments a few times a week on my Facebook page ( Marcus Sandell - Homepage ) and on Instagram and Twitter as @maresandell . If you want to see more whats happening behind the scenes and how I'm doing out here follow me there also!

So, since my last post here there's happened a lot! I had a great Fall with good training in Ushuaia and I really started to feel comfortable on the new skis. I was positively excited for Sölden not really knowing what to expect and then by the snap of the fingers everything changed not much longer than a week before Sölden. I broke my 3rd Metacarpal bone in my hand in training on the Icebox, flew home to Finland to examine it and found out it needed surgery. But I got the clear for racing with it broken since there was a longer period of break afterwards for it to heal. I missed pretty much the week before Sölden since it was too swollen to do anything, but I got there and tried it out on Thursday before the race and it felt painful but ok to ski with and I started to think this might actually work out ok on race day BUT then Murphy's Law showed it's presence and on Friday evening I managed to break my toe. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry when it happened... but I was pretty pissed. Luckily our Doc was on place and after X-rays and a lot of thought he said I probably wouldn't break it more on race day so he gave me a green light. So pretty much without skiing the whole week, with a broken hand and toe and 4 injections before the race I (stupid and driven as I am) decided to race but all the injuries affected me too much. I had problems on the way down and then just before the flat still made a really big mistake and landed on 53rd place. It maybe felt smart at the time but surely not afterwards, especially when the injections stopped working... But I got the SISU award at the Levi Gala for making history as the only Finn racing with two different broken parts of the body and that made me smile and feel stupid at the same time. :)

After the race Finlands best hand surgeon Jarkko Vasenius put 3 screws in my hand and ordered me 3 weeks of rehab at home. It's amazing how already 4 days after the surgery my hand felt a lot better than the long week before, even though he cut my hand wide open. I arrived here in US a week ago and had some really nice GS days in Vail. There was some testing to do since I lost some time before and after Sölden, luckily the conditions were great. My hand also feels much stronger and isn't letting know of itself too much anymore, it should be totally healed in a week. Can't wait to race the World Cup again on Sunday in Beaver Creek, but before that I'm racing in Aspen the next days.

Hope your all doing well!