The Flying Finns! / Primoz Jeroncic
The first week of the Champs here in Schladming are done. I did enjoy the SG race and made it down even though it was a tough ride. During these few intensive days of SG I got more confident and realized that this really would be a great second discipline for me. I like the format of the SG races, getting into the top 30 means that I'd might get to start with nr 1 and then suddenly everything is possible! Like Andy yesterday, he made an amazing run and ended 5th in the DH!! Rewrote Finnish speed history. With such a sparring partner in SG I can learn the right things and together with him form an unbeatable team! The Flying Finns. That does sound good!

Zoom Agence
I'm feeling good about the upcoming GS on Friday. Can't wait to race down that icy slope! Oh, and for my Finnish friends, tänään kannattaa katsoa YLE2:n Urheilukatu2 ohjelmaa klo.19.05 ! Näytän miten kaikki lähti käyntiin Granin Alpeilta!