Time to get SERIOUS!! Haha, or actually not. Time to enjoy a great skiparty and race as good as I can and fight for those medals. I've really enjoyed the races and trainings this season and will do it for the rest of the season also! Ali just didn't get enough coffee in the morning.. Or maybe I scratched the SG skis. Normally he's an extremely happy guy!

I will race the SG on Wednesday here in Schladming. I haven't had too much of training this year, my saldo is less than 5 days. The last two days I got some good training runs, it's a nice change from GS especially when most of the time you don't even break a sweat! Super-G is relaxed... :) I'm hoping for good conditions for the race because my number will be high and it would be nice to actually have a realistic chance to compare with the earlier starting field. It's going to be a lot of fun and exciting to speed down that hill a little faster than usual!

For the WCH I brought some extra speed with me from my home slope in Kauniainen.. From that hill the speed might actually get too high.