Adelboden recap and getting ready!

Adelboden is, as every year, a spectacular race! This year the conditions we're perfect and I managed to ski a good 2nd run that ended my fight on the piste in a 9th place. This brought me in to the top 15 for the next race which is the GS World Champ in Schladming. Looking much forward to that! What I've heard it's going to be an amazing event.

I literally cooled down a week at home after Adelboden. It felt like living on the North Pole being back in Finland again. Squeezed in some good days of power training and then headed back down to the Austrian alps last Sunday. Got a few runs of SG in Radstadt and had some effective GS days here in the area with good competitors. Compared my skills with Matts, Jim, Phillipp, Christoph and Marcel Mathis. Always fun to train with these guys!

Tomorrow I'm still skiing in the morning and then get to fall asleep in my own bed in Helsinki. Have some duties to take care of before we leave for Schladming next Friday!