World Champs Beaver Creek!


I've been horrible at updating my blog this season. Sorry for that, I'll try to keep posts coming more often.

The World Champs are done and I placed 14th. It was a tight race with a lot of action and good skiing from most. Congrats to Ted, Marcel and Alexis. Amazing skiing from all of you! Unfortunately mistakes cost a lot in those kind of races where the margins are small. A top 15 spot was not what I was going for, I had my goals much higher. This week, except for my body, has been great. I'm satisfied with my equipment and it feels like I can work on the course more like I want to at the moment. There's still the same issue as always, my race line, that needs adjustment. In the second run with only 1 second off Hirscher I knew that with a really good and risky run I can fight for the medals. I started aggressive, skied too straight and fought more with my line than in the first. In both runs I lost a lot on the end and I'm still not really sure why, I felt like I kept the tempo and I didn't feel tired so I have to analyze how I came over to the last flat. Unclean, too round or something else?

However, there's always the good and the bad. Positive is that I felt good on my skis, had sections with the green light and I feel more confident for the upcoming races. Negative is the result of course and that I feel a bit stuck in my development in these last two seasons. Since my back problems started in the beginning of last season I've taken a step backwards and I need to figure out what's wrong with my body because I don't want another season where I'm not performing at my best. That's the most important thing after this season.

Photocred: Mathieu Faivre
Today I'm flying back to Europe. The Garmisch race is in two weeks and I'm already looking forward to it! See you then!