Next up, GAP!

The Garmisch race is tomorrow! I've raced here two times and in both I skied good results for that time. In the World Champs 2011 I was 10th and two years ago in the World Cup I was 4th. The weather might be bad for the race but it shouldn't be a problem. I have a confident feeling and I enjoy the slope and atmosphere here. The plan is to be focused, determined and give my best! And most of all enjoy it.

Photo: Janne 'Jamo' Haarala
The weather has been challenging this week and we missed a day of training, luckily we also got a few better days to build up the skiing touch and body again after the jet lag. It took longer to recover this time than in earlier this season in December.

Photo: Petri Halonen
I skied some runs this morning next to the Kandahar. The fog and clouds were hanging quite low, let's hope the Downhillers can ski from the top!