Halti Photoshoot!

On Monday I flew up to Kittilä where there was a really cool Audi A7 waiting for Julien Regnier, Alex Fransisquini and me. Our jaws dropped a bit when we turned it on and a tv-screen came up from nowhere and the news popped up! We had a luxurios 2.5h drive waiting for us to Kilpisjärvi for a Halti Photoshoot!

Alex and Julien getting ready for a chopper-ride.
It was my first time at Kilpisjärvi and it is a really beautiful place. The mornings were still very cold, around -25 degrees both days! But it was two sunny and perfect days for filming the next years catalogue! Check it out when it's ready! :)

Our filming lodge in the middle of nowhere! It was amazing how quiet it was, I recommend the place if someone feels the need to get away and relax a bit. 

We drove down with Ski-Doos back to the cottages, it was cool to speed down the open Tunturi's , viewing the beautiful scenery at the same time!

Julien and Me had the honor to ski down the Halti Mountain, the highest in Finland with 1 324m! There's a small logbook on the top for all the visitors. We were the 992327th and 992328th visitors, and only two visitors before us were Kalle Palander, Jamo Haarala and Sami Uotila! They were on a Ski-doo adventure in the 'neighborhood'. Skiing down Halti was pretty cool! The Halti crew filmed it from the Helicopter, can't wait to see it.. :)

After all the filming was shot we drove a 500 horsepower V12 Q7 back to Kittilä, the drive didn't take too long... :)
It was a great trip, thanks Halti and the rest of the crew! It's going to be a cool catalogue!

See ya!