Back on skis in Ushuaia and blogging again!

Summer is vorbei, or at least here in Ushuaia. It's snowing outside! I'm back on skis and that also means I'll start to blog more often again! My summer was relaxing. Had a lot of trainings, didn't have any major injuries so no long breaks and managed to do fun stuff in between. Summer is when I really get to relax and spend time with my girlfriend, family and friends. If you want to see some pictures check out my Marcus Sandell - Homepage on Facebook!

We had our first camp in Saas Fee in the beginning of August but due to rainy weather we only got 3 days there. So the season didn't get off to a real start until we came to Ushuaia! Here the weather has been a bit challenging, snowy and soft, but we had a little luck the first 5 days. After sliding and hard work by the coaches the surface was compact but the course got really bumpy. A shaky ride but now I'm getting the hang of it. Been training a few days with the Austrians, they're a bunch of hard-working guys so it's motivating! And it's fun to make a few bets on the runs... Might have won a beer already!

Having a day off and that means studying this season!