One and a half week to go!

I'm getting a bit restless here at home. We had a few good training days in Tux a week ago. Was supposed to fly back there for some more good days, but it's been snowing a lot in the Alps which means it's really soft. We had to delay our camp, move the travel day forward again and again. We have a press conference and photo shoots here in the end of the week, so flying down for just 1-2 days of skiing is not that smart. So we decided to concentrate on fysical training and growing that hunger for skiing, believe me it works. Luckily we had some really great days in Ushuaia!

So I've been spending quality time with my girlfriend, training, fishing, seeing friends and done some fun stuff before the season kicks off and I'll mostly be on the road. I'm looking forward to this season, it's a big one with the Olympics and all the fun GS world cups in the plan. Sölden, Beaver Creek, Alta Badia, Adelboden.. The list goes on. I'm getting excited. One and a half week to go!