Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

I'm back in Vail! Here is usually one of the best trainings during the season. Or at least it feels like it after all the glacier skiing! I arrived 5 days ago, still fighting with the jet lag but it's getting better. My race is Sunday next week so I'm for sure going to be in the rhythm by then. Then it's just 6 days to the next race in Val'd'Isere… Getting in the rhythm for that is a challenge!

I placed 6th in Sölden, my best season opener so far. And because of that I'm starting first time in the top7 group here in Beaver Creek! I'm really excited about that, always wanted to start with number 1. I hope I have luck in the bib draw. Sölden was almost solid, made some mistakes and those of course feel frustrating when it's a battle of hundredths. I've developed technically and physically this summer and autumn, and I'm also very happy with my equipment and setup. Gives me confidence and I'm looking forward to racing some more.

Today's a day off. Thought of going shopping but it's Thanksgiving and the shops are closed. Bad timing... Maybe I have to hit the shops at 12AM for Black Friday! We stay in apartments here in Vail, that gives us the chance of making our own food. Luckily we have MasterChef Pablo in our team. Will probably gain 10kg's this 2 weeks! Some speed for the flat in Sotchi...